Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh thank goodness they're back!!

I feel like I need to start this post by expressing how much I love my kids. I love these guys so much it hurts. They love me despite my temper. They get my sarcasm and humor. They have made me grow more than I thought I ever could. And they are my everything!! AND they are back in school!!
Honestly this summer was so long/cold/boring and hard I thought I was going to loose my mind!! Today I breath a sigh of relief to see my babies go to school and just plainly have something to do.
As some of you know I have been struggling for the last two years to get Justin into a program that would allow him to be him. To be surrounded by people who understand him, and love him for who he is. People who will be patient with him and be there for him so he can learn in the best possible way he can. And for two years people would look at me like I was on crack when I would ask them if there was such a program. At the end of the last school year (after I had pulled Justin out of main stream school yet again) I made contact with the right person who pointed us in the right direction to get Justin in the right program!! So this year he starts grade eight with 8 other boys (in grades 7-9) all dealing with social anxiety and learning disabilities. They are all going at their own pace and Justin is encouraged to work and do what he can and is given the tools to succeed!! I could not be happier!! He came home today at 2pm because a full day is just too much for kids like Justin (I swear I have said that to so many of his other teachers and they just think I'm an idiot!) and the boy is so happy. I could just cry...
Oh and to make this all the more better, this program will follow Justin all the way to grade 12 so I don't have to scream at another teacher EVER AGAIN!!!!!

Here are shots of my babies, so happy to be going to school this year!!

Abby grade 2. She can't wait to talk more in french and tell everyone about her puppy!

Emma grade 4. She can't even handle how excited she is to have Mr. I! He is the coolest teacher EVER!! (ok in case you haven't guessed, these are her words)
Mckay grade 7. Is excited for school and wants to get straight A's for all of Jr High (this is a great goal that I will be more than willing to encourage) Also schools great but he just can not wait for dance to start!!

Justin grade 8 (gasp) Is so excited for school, and taking the bus and the group home (I'll explain later) and being on a bowling team.

And this is who I get to hang out with all day. We have trips to the gym for me, swimming lessons for Reid and running around the back yard with Waverly. Life is great!!

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