Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer stuff

One of the highlights of this summer (for me anyway) was taking the kids to my cousins farm to go riding. If anyone knows anything about Emma, Abby and Mckay is that they LOVE animals. So they were thrilled when I told them we had been invited to go!

Here are my three amigos. Abby had help at first, but it didn't take her long to get confident enough to go it alone.

Here is my little girl showing that horse who's boss! She loved it!

Even I got a little ride with Reid. He was so scared to get on (although not scared at all to be around the horses) But as soon as we got going he didn't want to stop. I was even trying to get him to say "giddy-up"!
There's my little man. His job was to keep the gate closed and smash the chain on the bars really hard! He had a good time.

FYI - Justin had a blast with two other little boys, running around the farm and looking for dead animal bones. He wasn't interested in the horses at all!

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