Thursday, August 20, 2009

He Stays!!

So I went to court on Monday. It was really quite scary to be in the same room as Reede's birth mom, grandma and big sister. They didn't know who I was so that was good. When I got in the court room Reede's family were in a deliberation room talking about whether they wanted to really go through another messy trial or just consent to the PGO with out a fight.... And they consented!!!! We were done before lunch!!!
I am so happy it went so well. So his visits also go from once a week at grandmas house to once a month supervised at the social workers office!
So far things are looking good. I have been told that grandma threw a fit when they started talking about us adopting Reede... so when it comes time to cross that road it might be a bit messy. But I will take what I can get for now. This is a huge step in the right direction.


Amber said...

so happy for you Mel!

Janay said...

Congratulations Mel. I am SO happy that you've gotten this far with him. I am sure the next steps in your life and his will be tough, but you can see he's worth it! :) It's nice to see something GOOD come from Foster care these days. I'm looking forward to the day you can announce that he is legally yours for good!! xoxox