Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Today for Family Home Evening we carved our pumpkins. It's funny because every year is starting to be the same... Mckay always watches from a distance and every once and a while runs out gagging because he thinks the guts are gross. I think it was two years ago that he actually threw up. Of course Dave does his best to gross out the kids. Emma starts out a little scared and cries when she first gets the "guts" on her. Then ten minutes later she is up to her elbow inside the pumpkin. Justin gets bored and starts throwing seeds and guts at everyone. Abby supervises the whole process and I take the pictures:) I gota say, I love every minute of it!

Notice Mckay is sitting as far as he can away from the table:) Abby wasn't too sure at first this time either.

Dave doing his best to gross the kids out. Poor Abby.

The finished product! Mckay and Abby don't mind them when all the guts are scraped out :)
It's a little blury but here they are all lit up, ready for Halloween!!

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