Sunday, October 3, 2010

How much do we LOVE family pictures!!!!

We finally did it! It's been three years since our last family picture was done. Family picture time is stressful for me. I stew for days before about what everyone can wear. Giving up on the fact that I can't wait until I loose a few pounds. The weather was perfect and the trees where beautiful. It was time! So I posted a few of the good ones on facebook but I wanted to share on here what we actually went through.

Every time we set up another pose Reid would RUN! We would grab him, and bribe him with candy, but he wanted nothing to do with family pictures! I am just grateful that we got a few where he wasn't screaming.
So we got the "running away" shot

We got the "I don't want your stinkin' candy" shot

We got the "Why me" shot.

This is the "you can't see me" shot

and finally the "I'm going to scream until you let me go " shot.

I ended up taking 479 pictures to try and get one worth putting on our wall, and I kid you not, MOST of them Reid is working one of these poses. I am still working on which one we are going to actually use so I won't post the perfect pose yet but it's done and please don't make me do that again for another three years!


Louise Wright said...

yep, it's very funny. I laughed my head off. What a guy!

Sam and/or Monika said...

I feel your pain on family portraits.

It's so hard getting them done......damn kids.

Keep it up, Mel!