Monday, June 22, 2009

My first 100%

So as you know, I am in school. I am very happy that I get to redeem myself when it comes to my high school marks. I was always too busy being "cool" to care too much about what I got for marks. So now as a 31 year old I am looking at school in a whole different light, and the fact that I am getting good marks makes me so happy!!
Last week we were given a writing exam. For the exam, we had to write a letter or poem to a major historical figure.
Today we got our marks back and I received 100% and my teacher wants me to publish it! Not sure if I'll do that, but I am happy that even he thinks it's good. So this is my poem.

Dear Jesus… I am lost

Dear Jesus, From the day I was born I was taught about you.

The manger, the star, the cross, the tomb,

every part of my life, had something to do with you.

So easy it was as a child to believe.

Now, as an adult… I am lost

I was taught of miracles you performed

Healing the sick, the blind, the lame.

Feeding the hungry and raising the dead.

I was taught that you could do the same for me if I just believed…

Believe in what?

How hard do I have to believe?

And if I do believe “hard enough”… then what?

Oh, how easy it was as a child to believe,

when life wasn’t so hard.

Now as an adult… I am lost.

What was the point?

If you did do those things, how does that help us now?

My Mom says, “hunny, it’s to give us hope”…

Hope for what?

2000 years ago, you healed ten lepers.

What does that give me hope for?

How does that help me now?

As a child , the stories were beautiful,

so easy to believe.

Now as an adult … I am lost.

The world is full of








Are we not believing hard enough?

Where are your miracles now?

Now that I am an adult and no longer see with the eyes of a child… I am lost

Like in all good fish stories,

The fish always gets bigger every time the story is told.

Is this how it is with you?

Were you just a man, who loved to help people?

What is story and what is true?

It’s just not that simple anymore and the fish is too big for me.

So now as an adult, what do I hang on to?

What do I believe in…

Dear Jesus… I am lost

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Dyane said...

This is exactly why the Lord commands us to be like little children. As adults, we think we have such a great understanding of the world around us and we think we have seen enough to know what is real. I'm sorry, but we as a human race have far too short a memory to know anything. - John