Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reede's First Birthday

So Reede's first birthday was kind of a gong show. He had two birthday parties in one day. He had spent the morning at his Grandmas and had a party with his "other family". So by the time he got back home he was tired. Problem was, he had a house full of guests that were ready for a party! So as soon as he got here, we got him to open his presents. He wasn't 100% interested. But he played a little. And even gave a few smiles.
But by the time we got to the cake, he really didn't care how excited we were about his birthday. All he wanted was a nap! I don't even think he ate any of his cake. He just smeared on his face, threw most of it on the floor and was begging for his nap! So his party really only lasted 30 min and we put the poor kid to bed.

He looks so impressed hey?

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Holly Rice said...

He's getting so big. I just saw pictures of Amelia and she too is growing up so fast.