Saturday, April 12, 2008

Princess Party

Warning: Lots of pictures! Ok so the party is over. Cake is eaten, gifts are open, and Emma is happy. That is why we do this. Emma was Princess for the day. All her friends made her feel very special. Dave recorded the girls singing lots of songs, then we burned each girl their own CD with their songs. And this first picture here of all the girls went on the cover of the CD case.

I cut out little sandwiches with cookie cutters.
A lunch fit for a Princess!

I took five pictures of Emma and her cake, she was being so crazy, this is the best we get. You get the point though.
It was actually hard to find a place to put the candles so the barbies hair or arms wouldn't catch on fire.
Big group hug/dog pile.
After all the girls went home, Emma broke out one of her new presents. The "Fairy Princess Game", the boys were kind enough to play with the girls. Unfortunately for them, I took pictures. :)


Dyane said...

What a cute bunch of fairies! John likes the fairy Mckay & Justin. Looks like fun!

Amber said...
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Amber said...

what I meant to say was...that looks like a great party! Good idea for the CDs! Maybe you should come to Calgary and plan my next birthday party...come'll be fun...pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase.......