Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Love Bumbo!

This is the latest purchase I have made for our little one. Although he is only two months old, this fun little chair lets him sit up and get a whole different view of the world. He loves it!! Unfortunately you only get a picture of the chair...

Ok well maybe this one will do.


broberts said...'re so sneaky. nice shot of the back of his head. bumbo's are probably my second favorite baby invention (next to the soother)! they are awesome and sure helps with the nasty bald spots!

Sweet Rice said...

I never got to experience one of these. Looks like he enjoys it.

Jess said...

I so need to get one of these for our baby, but they are expensive is the price worth it? I suppose you don't have to pay for it lucky! haha The perks of having a foster baby.