Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It started a year ago...

Dave and I started training to be foster parents in September of last year. Since then we have had the joy of taking care of many wonderful children. We have had a set of one year old twin girls, a 16 day old baby, and many one and a half year old boys. Last Friday we got our 10th foster kid, and his sister will be joining us tomorrow. I just felt like sharing this info, because it is a very big part of our lives, and because of privacy laws, I can't post pictures or names on here.
I think this year we have all grown in many different ways. My kids have learned that they are very lucky to have the family that they do, and that some kids are not so lucky. I have learned to love more, and understand more how hard it must be for our Heavenly Father to send his children away to parents that do not make the best decisions. I have also fallen in love more with my husband, seeing how he treats these children and loving them as if they where his. So although this has been the hardest thing we have done so far as a family, it has been the most rewarding.
Thanks for reading this, and letting me share with you a part of my life that is so very important to me.

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Janay and Tim said...

Thanks for sharing! I am glad that you love it! I am sure the children who have come and gone from your home are just as grateful for the love they recieved there! ;)