Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween, Rodeo, and Teeth!

Ok I know I'm a little late getting my Halloween pictures up, but late is better than never! This year I saved my kids from going through the old costumes and making them use their imaginations. I asked them what they wanted to be, and I bought them the costumes. This is a first for us I think! Justin has been a vampire many times, so this time we went all out and I think he looks pretty dang scary! Mckay was a storm trooper from the Clone Wars movie. He didn't like the cheep helmet that came with the costume, so he used his paper route money to buy the cool helmet that talks. Emma, was a cute little witch, and for weeks all Abby wanted was to be a pumpkin, so greatfully we found one. Who knew it would be such a hard costume to find. So here are my cute kids all dressed up.

Today at Justin's school, some of the rodeo guys from the CFR were there. Justin was one of the few lucky kids who were picked to visit with these guys, and this is what he came home with...A signed shirt, a really nice cowboy hat, and about four or five signed pictures, and a bandanna. He felt pretty lucky to get all that! I gota say, we have been very lucky to have Justin in such an awesome school! So after a long hard couple of weeks, we finally have some teeth to show for all the hard work. This little guy really doesn't enjoy teething, and by the looks of things it is going to be a slow process. But he sure looks dang cute with his new pearly whites!


Holly Rice said...

Ok, you want to know what's worse, when my almost two year old still doesn't have those teeth, he just got the molars in the back, he has 6 on top and still has a big gap on the bottom.

The Straights said...

wow, have you taken him to a dentist? That is interesting!