Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blog Draught Over

Finally, I have something to write about. I have been waiting for something exciting to happen to us so I could put it up here, and it finally happened. About three weeks ago Emma was complaining about something hard sticking out if her mouth behind her tooth. So I check it out and it ended up being an impatient adult tooth deciding to find another way out. You see Emma is almost 7 and she still hasn't lost a tooth (until now). So we told her to start making her baby tooth as wiggly as she could and try to pull it out or we would have to take her to the dentist. So she did it! almost 7 and finally lost her FIRST TOOTH!!! And she pulled it out all by herself!


Amber said...

awe...good job Emma!

Sweet Rice said...

Rebekah is going to be sad to hear that Emma has lost a tooth before her, he he. She is 8 this year and still no sign of any being lost any time soon.