Monday, February 11, 2008

Kid Free Weekend!

This year for Christmas, one of the ladies that I visit teach gave me a coupon book. In that book their was a coupon for one full weekend of free babysitting. So this weekend I cashed in on that coupon. I droped the kids of at there place friday after school. Then Dave and I set off to see if we could even function without an kids for the whole weekend. Of course we did the going out for dinner thing, and rent a few movies thing. Then on saturday morning our table came, and that was fun setting it up. Then we headed to the mall!!
For the last five years I have wanted to go on the "Worlds largest indoor rollercoaster" I have had a few opportuities but the people that I was supposed to go with, always chicken out (Kenny). So my wonderful husband stepped up to the plate. So this (for any of you who haven't seen it) is my new favorite ride of all time!!!!

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broberts said...

hey mel...i just found your blog! yeah! sure glad you guys got some time w/out your cute kiddies. and good choice...the mindbender is AWESOME! i once rode it 6 times in a row.