Friday, January 25, 2008

Abby's friend Ayva had a birthday party at Build A Bear. For those of you who don't know how this works I will run through the process for you. First you pick from about 20 different animals. After the painful process of deciding which one they want, they take their animals to get their fluff put inside...This is Abby, pushing the peddle that controls the fluff machine.
Then after you make a wish on a small heart and put it inside your friend, they stitch up their back. Then they take their friend to get a "bath". Air shoots out of the taps and they use brushes to clean up their friends.
I'm mad that I forgot to take a picture of all the clothes that they can pick from to dress their friends.... just believe me when I say we could have been there all day trying to pick an outfit. Abby decided to dress her new friend hippo as a fairy. She named her Rosella.
This is the group of kids who all came along for the birthday party. And the reflections of all the Moms taking the picture in the mirror.


amy said...

Phew! 5 Kids that can get expensive, but soooo much fun! :D

Nicola said...

Yeah, what Amy said!